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An Angel in A Devil Town

4 August
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, 11:11, 16 candles, 2005, 50 cent, 80's movies, ani difranco, atticus, ballet, ballet barre, barbie pink, baseball, being happy, being held, being quirky, being short, belly buttons, black and white photography, blankets, bracelets, bras, broadway, brown eyes, brownies, butterflies, cars, chocolate, chucks, coffee, college, confusion with a k, country music, crayons, cuddling, dance, dancing, dave matthews band, diet pepsi, driving fast, emo, emotion, eyebrows, eyes, faith, family, fireworks, food, football, fords, freckles, french toast, friends, g-unit, get up kids, gilmore girls, glitter, gummy bears, guster, holding hands, hoodies, hope, hugs, kids, kim anderson photography, kisses, less than jake, lip gloss, love, lyrical, lyrics, matchbook romance, merrimack, migranes, mitsubishi eclipses, modern dance, moulin rouge, music, musicals, my boyfriend, my car, nail polish, naps, pajamas, photographs, photography, piercings, pillows, pink ribbons, poetry, pointe, pointe shoes, porsche carrera gts, psychology, punk, purple, rain, rainbows, randomness, rap, reading, red sox, rent, romance, saves the day, scrapbooking, sean paul, sex, shoes, shopping, showers, showtunes, shrek, simon and garfunkel, singing, sitting on floors, ska, skittles, socks, spanish, spiced apple cider, spinney hugs, stars, stickers, strawberries, sublime, sweaters, taking pictures, tanning, tap, tattoos, the beach, the breakfast club, the food network, the mya boys, thinking, tongue rings, tragus piercings, trucks, wal*mart, writing, yellow roses